Soul Singh

Soul started his spiritual searching in earnest in 1971 . “I would say my spiritual journey really began after a yoga class when I was at school at Columbia. I came out into the night, breathing the air like it was for the first time. That experience really pushed me on.” After leaving college, he lived on a Christian community in rural Georgia and then became involved with a Zen Buddhist community in Massachusetts.

While there, he began practicing kundalini yoga, eventually meeting his spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan. Those experiences crystallized his searching and he committed himself to that yogic discipline and took on the path of a Sikh. He went from being Steve Saul Singer to Soul Singh Khalsa.

So, for the last thirty-odd years he has risen around three am to chant, pray and practice yoga with others from his spiritual community in a practice called "sadhana". “Sadhana is the best part of my day. I get up and walk over to the ashram across the street from us. Outside I walk over the grass, feeling Mother Earth under my bare feet. Then I go in and join the practice. It’s wonderful!”

During these years, he got married, received a masters in acounseling and had already opened up a business using his training when two large vibrating feet got in the way.



They belonged to his teacher who was lying in a Lazy Boy when Soul saw him one day in Tucson. “Soul!!” he called out in his booming voice. “Your destiny is to interpret the soul,” of the spiritual path.

Once again, his life changed. He soon left the business world and began teaching college English, all the while writing and rewriting.

Many years and redrafts later, the first three books of the Hennesy saga are done. (The first is available now, the others to follow.) “Myths are what unite the visible and invisible worlds,” notes Soul. “We need these stories to unite the seen and unseen within us all.”

From all that churning, here is a story unlike anything else in today's fiction which will energize your imagination and strengthen your spirit.

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